There is truth in the saying you are what you eat

in #health3 years ago

Now this small post may be short and to some boring but I am quite proud of what I have achieved. Just before the new year I was 110kg and was feeling heavy bending down to fasten laces was awkward so with going to Thailand in march decided to lose some weight. The first thing I did was cut out sugar from my hot drinks, stop drinking coke and not having crisps instead of fried breakfast I have fruit and wheatabix lunch is just fruit and for my evening meal I have just have smaller portions don't really stick to avoiding stuff because I enjoy my food but have reduced frying food. If I want to snack I would just have a healthy cereal bar.
Now this leads to where I am now I am now 101 kg and people have noticed but more importantly to me is for many years have been taking tablets for high blood pressure and had to go to see the nurse for an injection for Thailand. She saw on my records that I hadn't had a blood pressure reading and that I hadn't been getting my tablets due to being busy at work never got the chance long story but 3 months without taking them. Well was not looking forward to this but was amazed to find out it was normal I told her that I had been eating healthier and basically she said carry on no more tablets just come back for my check ups.
So with that in mind makes my journey easier to get to the 90 kg target weight and hopefully keep my blood pressure normal.