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hey very good to all, following the line of the previous post this time I will treat separately one of the topics exposed in the black book of the new left, abortion. that is a multimillionaire business for companies planned parenthood that finances the feminist movements that demand that it be legal to kill a child that is not born yet and even worse they want the state to pay for it

Is abortion part of a woman's right to decide about her body? : NO, deciding on your own body could be tattooing, getting piercings, haircuts and that kind of thing. but to abort is to decide on the body of a third party, since from the moment of conception a fetus is a human being completely different from the mother, with its own DNA. so by aborting a human being is being killed. It is also said that abortion should be legal because even though it is illegal, it is still done, according to this logic, stealing should be legal because even though it is illegal, it is still done. what really needs to be done is to put more resources in the search and dismantling of places of illegal abortion Why are the abortion movements so strong? After the abortion there is a big business, the companies that practice it after charging for it, sell the parts of the fetuses which serve several purposes. that is why these companies fund feminist movements that believe they are fighting for their "rights" when in fact they are just useful idiots to all kinds of interests, including political interests since the left also supports the abortion movements to gain influence in the governments do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~
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