Pasta, my love

in health •  5 months ago

Hey Steemian,

This recipe of pasta is perfect for summer. It uses only fresh ingredients, you don't need to cook any sauce. Only blend it!
Let's see!


You will need some pasta, I used some delicious tagliatelle.
Also, some fresh peas and Greek yogurt.
The recipe was with pine nuts, but I couldn't find to buy some, so I used instead pistachio. EVEN BETTER!
Buy some feta cheese, chilli flakes, fresh mint.

Boil the pasta and peas. Not together, in separate pans.
Using a mixer, blend yogurt with peas, salt and pepper.
Mix the green sauce with feta cheese.
Combine pasta with sauce, top it with pistachio, chilli flakes and mint.

Enjoy with a glass of white wine!

Mmmm delicious and perfect for the summer.


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woooww.... plz upload video tooo!!!!!
Upvoted :)

El color que aportan los pistachos a la foto, es hermoso.