Gym Water Supports Steemit in México

in health •  2 years ago

Hello Steemers:
A few months ago we showed you a bottle of #GymWater with a space dedicated to talking about #steemit. Today we continue our commitment to To publicize this social network in Mexico, since we believe that that this country deserves to have access to sources of information free of censorship and in which the ideas can be freely communicated.

Now our advertising of #steemit is not only in a prototype but is already a reality and is present in our two bottles: Gym Water and Gym Water Chic. We hope soon to continue growing and reaching more Mexicans to also join #Steemit
I share the photo of both bottles with our legend to invite our customers to join Steemit.

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This is great! Real, and powerful marketing. Who are you? From which company did you achieve this? Pretty amazing.