16 Kilos in 75 days - day 0

in #health4 years ago


96 kilos are just too much!

Sure, there is not much to do at the moment, I hardly move, sit a lot at the computer. But I don't like it anymore.
That's why I've set myself a 75-day challenge, to take it down and maybe even become a little more athletic. The account should document this, no matter if I fail or reach my goal.

In 75 days from 96 kilos down to under 80, so never again an 8 ahead.

Why 75 days? Because then the main season begins and I have other things in my head.

Why under 80 kilos? A few weeks ago I was already at 86 to 88. My excess skin then hangs around loosely in the area anyway, because two years ago I still weighed 122 kilos. This skin has to be cut away anyway and so I have half a year, the whole season, to get used to this thought.

Actually I wanted to document this with Actifit, but this app is not suitable for me, because it only works with the Fitbit devices.

So I stay with loseit and googlefit.

Let the game begin!

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