My Wim Hof Journey Week 5 Day 1 (finally)

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Ok, I am pretty sure I week 5 will run for more than 1 week also since it looks quite challenging.

Week 5 assignments

Breathing exercise:
4 normal breathing cycles
add a 5th cycle + push-ups. Exhale deeply and hold your breath without air in the lungs and do the pushups

Physical exercises:
Forward bending - Back bending - Lateral stretch - Butterfly pose
Split - Shelf - Headstand 1 or 2.

Cold shower exercise:

Do the 10-minute cold shower challenge every day this week.

I will be on an island trip this weekend so I will truly start with week 5 Monday and only did 4 rounds of breathing 1 of breathing for the push-ups.

Round 1 : 1min 10.37sec
Round 2 : 1min 03.97sec
Round 3 : 54.78sec
Round 4: 1min 11.54sec
52 push-ups

My results were not really good today but I am not concerned and still happy I managed to get through week 4 this time.

breath motherfucka



Niceee, reverse lotus position... I can do it with no hands :)

nice. that is actually not me, that is Wim Hof himself. He has cooler pictures than me :-)

I am working on the full lotus still. I can get into it with a lot of force but it is super uncomfortable.

Full upvote playa

You are the man!!

Hello friend @flipstar , great post , thanks for sharing , i congratulate you

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