My Wim Hof Journey Week 4 Day 7 Mein Wim Hof Kurs Tagebuch Woche 4 Tag 7

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“Challenges bring about the true nature within me. It alerts my body and mind, altering my state of being. It makes me feel so alive! It's like I always say, "We can do more than what we think." At those moments when I encounter a challenge, I become extremely aware of the deeper layers of my soul.”
― Wim Hof

So also today I was challanging myself and looking to explore my soul. Took my cold shower and did my breathing exercise

Round 1 : 1min 23.34sec
Round 2 : 1min 32.65sec
Round3 : 1 min 35 55sec
54 push-ups

breath motherfucka

Auch heute habe ich mich wieder herausgefordert und meine Seele erforscht.

Runde 1 : 1min 23.34sek
Runde 2 : 1min 32.65sek
Runde 3 : 1 min 35.55sek
54 Liegestütze

breath motherfucka


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I have nothing delegated to you anymore. At least I get an error message trying to undelegate you

Looking at your wallet it seems you have delegated 15 sp yourself? Let me know if this solve the problem please.

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