Some ways to remove milia on the face

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Apparently, there are other types of lumps on facial skin that look like acne or blackheads.

According to dr. Shakti Indraprasta, Sp.KK., milia also commonly called milium cysts. This skin problem arises because keratin proteins are trapped inside the pilosebaceous glands or sweat glands in the dermis layer of the skin.

The milia lump is very small in diameter 1-2 mm and usually appears in groups of more than five lumps in the eye area, cheeks, chin, neck, and nose.

Then, how to treat it?

Do not squeeze milia carelessly, because it can trigger irritation, such as redness and also cause pockmarks.

We recommend that you seek the help of a dermatologist at a trusted beauty clinic.

• Milia Extract

This treatment is most often chosen because it is more affordable.

Initially the skin surface in milia will be scraped with a sterile needle or knife. Then the contents are destroyed through a tool of comedo extractor.

For milia that are somewhat deep and large in diameter, it would be very difficult if destroyed in this way.

• Electro Cauter

The process of removing the contents of milia in this way is also known as electrical surgery.

Previously, the skin was given anesthesia in the form of an ointment to reduce pain during treatment. After waiting for 20 to 30 minutes, the ointment is cleaned, then applied an antiseptic in the form of alcohol.

The dermatologist will use a special tool to burn the outer skin surface of the milia until it is destroyed. After that, the contents of milia will be removed using comedo extractor.

Once everything is thoroughly lifted and destroyed, antibiotic ointment will be given to prevent infection after the action.

• CO2 laser

Basically, this treatment process is the same as electro cauter, only the erosion of the outer skin layer in milia using a carbondioxide (CO2) ray-powered therapy.

In terms of price, this treatment is considered the most expensive, but it is believed will not leave scars or pockmarks afterwards.

This method is suitable to be chosen to treat more severe milia cases, such as milia en plaque.

• Cryotherapy

The doctor will take this type of treatment step, if milia is located in a sensitive area, such as eyelids, to more easily lift it.

This method uses a unique technique often called frozen surgery.

Milia will be sprayed using a tool such as a small stick until it freezes, before it is removed and destroyed.

This method is also considered minimal risk because it does not feel sore and pain during the process.

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