Here's The Dangers of Holding Urine Up To 1 Hour

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Health experts recommend us to defecate at least every day for the body to stay healthy. It's just that there are some people who were new can defecate once in a few days because the system metabolism in the body runs quite slowly. If we already feel the need to defecate, it's good we immediately do it because if we do not immediately do so, our body will experience health impact.


Quite a few people who choose to hold a bowel movement because of various purposes such as being in public transport, in a position to go to work, or indeed because there is no toilet that can not be used. Although it looks like a trivial thing, health experts say that holding a bowel movement can have adverse health effects such as the following.

What happens if holding the bowel movement for 2 hours
The health expert who is an assistant professor from the Tuoro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York City called Sonpal mentioned that if we hold a bowel movement for two hours even though we are already eager to do so, it will make the stomach Become more depressed. Some people even feel sensations such as stomach cramps or a much more severe pain.

What happens if holding back defecation for 6 hours
If we hold defecate for up to 6 hours, then we will experience the impact of constipation or constipation, a condition where we have difficulty to defecate because the dirt is much more hardened.

What happens if we hold the bowel movement for 12 hours
If we hold a bowel movement for half a day or 12 hours, then the dirt will become increasingly hard on the colon. If we try to defecate, then the stomach will become tense and can even cause bleeding.

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