Message From A Nurse's Wife About COVID 19

in #health4 years ago

This self quarantine is a GREAT chance to let the creative juices flow... and get a little venting done all at once! Like a good mental spring cleaning... let it all out... AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh....................................

This "fuck you" in my heart did not just suddenly appear...
People piled fertilizer on it, year on year on year.
Well, it finally sprouted, sent up a tender shoot
Now considering the world's demise, I just can't give a hoot.
I stood for truth, was scorned and told that I was simply crazy.
I worked for what I have, was told to share it with the lazy.
I begged people to "Love Thy Neighbor" but my neighbors love the liars
Who set above the laws they write and set OUR rights on fire.
Now we have a virus bringing more questions than answers
The guidance from our leaders sounds like music for tap dancers.
Wash up, lay low, buy TP and be glad you are not dead.
Just the kind of break we need to clear our silly head!
We could all go home, relax, and roast some wienies o'er the embers
Of Hollywood in flames... maybe teach our kids their genders.
Now suddenly the braggards and the hotheads want to fight.
They'll kill the sick and elderly but not win back one right.
With delusions of Clint Eastwood, every dirty Dick and Harry
Won't isolate, demands their right to be a "Typhoid Mary."
So when you charge the hill of "tyrants" that are trying to save lives,
I'll call out your ignorance and ego driven lies.
I stood for your rights so many times and in so many ways
You have no idea what I went through to get us TO these days.
Ignoring healthcare pros and frankly, SIMPLE COMMON SENSE
Does not make you a hero. It makes you FUCKING DENSE.

Dedicated to all you fucking idiots out there making it harder and more dangerous for my husband and his co-workers to help keep you well.


I have read a few posts about people "sneaking out" during a quarantine.

They want fresh food, or a break from the indoors, or to give someone who has been forced indoors a little treat...

One thing is for them to have the gall to do it, but to write about it... almost seems unbelievable. You must think it is ok if you are writing about it...

At first I thought it was a language barrier... I must not be reading right. Or maybe another mistake this person didn't write about their wife being in a quarantine just yesterday? Did they?

I guess that is why at 7 months pregnant I am grocery shopping less and less and less. I used to go every other day almost, to get the most fresh stuff, now I haven't been there in weeks and wondering... Do I really need eggs???

You are pregnant! Congratulations!!!
Yeah, I actually have a few people I considered friends who insist this is just the government overthrowing the Constitution and they refuse to modify their behavior at all. I take it a little personally.

Well, now Trump is saying that our home-isolations will be short. Wonder if those people will change their tune now.

Maybe. I have some pretty hard core tin hatter friends... I suspect they will see this as proof that it was all faked.

I hadn't heard from you in so long I completely forgot your husband is on the front lines of this current epidemic. Talk about sitting on pins and needles! I hope everything turns out fine and all will be well until this thing is over. It's a whole new world out there right now and people need to get on board with it until this thing turns it's tide. Best wishes Fishy, Stay Safe You Guys.

Thank you! I think we will be fine, we "self isolated" ten years ago when we moved to the boondocks lol! But we are being extra careful. Mark does not just work at that hospital, he holds it together. He was trained to back up the nurse who was the liaison between tech support and the medical staff, the woman who makes sure the electronic medical records are working right for the nurses and doctors. She has a miscarriage and nearly died about 2 weeks ago, so Mark was put on 24/7 call until she gets healed up. He is also a Charge Nurse, the person on the floor who runs the staff.
I have run to town a couple times, I had to have some medical tests myself for instance. For the most part, I just hunkered down and am trying to keep HIM healthy. If he catches it there, well that could hardly be helped but I do NOT want to be the person that makes him sick and unavailable if this tiny little hospital meets the big bad virus...
Take care, thanks for the kind words!!

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