Old People Nagging At The Gym

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For the ones that don't know yet, i started again to work out in a gym. I had about 3 years to do any kind of work out activity and i felt like shit. I got tired easily, i gained weights and didn't want to play with my health for a bit longer. 

Anyway the schedule is to go each day except Sunday (which is suppose to be the free day) during morning when the gym opens in order to avoid the place being crowded and wait a long time to do just a single set. Also especially now that the weather is extremely hot, working out in morning which is cooler makes the whole experience a bit more pleasant.

So when a couple of days ago went for my first day, i saw the same faces that i had seen 3-6 years ago. Imagine that when i go we are about 6-7 people in total and 90% of them are above 60 years old. I had tremendous respect for that guys, that they stay healthy and look after themselves in that age and also for the consistency that they show. At least from what i know those people are at least 10 years in that gym!

So here is why i got frustrated today listening to them nagging! 

I was near 4 them doing a set and they were talking about how crappy the gym is, that they never bring new dumbbells (which is true) and that there are bigger and better gyms nearby. They got offers from the other gyms that are about double the money they are paying in that one but still everything is better. 


I am listening the same dialog since 3-4-5 years ago by those exact same people over and over again. Everyone agrees that the gym pretty much sucks in everything and it's decent only if you go morning hours but you can easily change and go to another one. 


This is the part the makes me losing it. If you don't like something for 10 years consequently and you have find by yourself something way better and you talk about it each day and even use expressions like''i will go there'' '' it has an one time offer'' then why don't you go? Or shut the fuck up and continue with your working out routine.

It's easy to blame everything but we should look ourselves too! Because as i said i pretty much know them from all the years, and because they live in my area i know some of their children or relatives so i know pretty well what jobs they have or used to have and about what amount of money they earn each month. Some of the work out clothes and shoes they wear are worth that annual subscription in one of those fancy gyms they are talking about!

Just admit that paying so little money for a gym is convenient and you won't find something like this anywhere. If you don't like it you are free to go wherever you want. Simple as that!

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lool, they want more for less, I guess you just have to keep up with them like that. lol, Use earpiece and listen to music all the way maybe


i guess that's the only solution :P