How to reduce the world killer disease called CANCER

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Cancer is one of the fastest killer diseases in the world killing a lot of people it's quite unfortunate that this world killer doesn’t have a cure.

What is cancer?

Cancer is basically the abnormal, uncontrollable, division of body cells which then affect the tissues Every one has the once genes( genes responsible for cancer) but mostly turn on. The moment the Gene is turned on, then the person is said to have cancer.

Since this killer disease can't be cured, there ways the chances of having them are reduced;
How can the risk of cancer be reduced? 1. Carcinogenic products are foods that come into contact with direct fire. Investigations have shown that carcinogenic products are the principal cause of cancer. Thus, food which comes into contact with direct flamma. must be reduced.

  1. Eating balance diet: balanced nutrition is no doubt essential for our health. Eating balance diatribe It has been shown that eating a balanced diet reduces the danger of cancer.
  2. Take fruits: take fruit daily helps detoxify your body, which stop the activation of your onco genes by some toxins in your body. Thi might sound strange, at last live a stress free life. But leaving your life without stress an exercising daily helps decrease the chance of cancer and may assist you to live long.

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