Mcdonald's made you fat!

in health •  19 days ago 

.... is something I hear all the time.

NO McDonald's did not make me fat, I MADE ME FAT.

I hate people blaming others for their own mistakes.

Macca's as we know them in Australia, sell salads, and they have healthy choices when dining out, on that basis technically subway would make you fat.

People need to take personal responsibility for the actions they do.

The sooner you can take control of your life and admit it was you and your actions, the sooner you will feel so much better.

My update so far

  • 47KG lost since April
  • Starting at the GYM as soon as it's open
  • Feeling so good already
  • Noticing a huge improvement in General Fitness
  • Eating like a bird

So before going to blame others, think of your actions.
Stay Awesome

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Eating like a bird

So you're pouncing on small, unsuspecting geckos and worms then swalloing them whole?
That'll tick the exercise box too.

The geckos TRY to run, but they can't out run a hungry fat man looking for extra protein !!!

Must be fun to think of all the cool stuff you'll be able to do. Have you played paintball?

Lord no.. easy target here LOL

There's nothing like the satisfaction of hitting somebody in a soft spot and seeing them go down squealing. Not sure how you're wired, but I think a list of activities I've always laughed off as being unworkable; then ticking them off one by one as I actually did them... that would be good fuel for the fire.

When I am not so much of a target, I am in for sure :P

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