How do you know that a person is lying to you?

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We hide our emotions and real attitude to this or that person. "Do we need to know the whole truth?" - A question difficult. Most people respond to it, it is better the bitter truth than sweet lies. And at the same time, according to research, the common man is lying three times in 10 minutes of conversation. Such are we all contradictory. We want the truth, but at the same time how much in vain. And really we want to understand how it is possible to read the thoughts of others on the facial expressions and gestures.
The truth is written on our faces! So say scientists, psychologists neyrolingvisty. In America, even made a TV series "Lie to." His main character - a scientist, a psychologist, played by Tim Roth. He investigates complicated crimes, determining on facial expressions and gestures, whether a person is telling the truth and that he feels in fact. Now wildly popular TV series in the US, we are actively watching it online. And largely due to the fact that it in detail, a picture is analyzed, which means that a given gesture motion or mimic. We have carefully watched the film, compared with scientific data, to know the opinion of experts and tell today how to expose a liar.

What we give out yourself?

Cheating - a certain kind of stress. He creates physiological responses, which are then classified as scientists lie markers. So far, not so much. Because people, so what can I say, they know how to lie. Best of all is the ability to, by the way, is developed for those who enjoyed popularity at school. Although the TV series "Lie to" the main character, a kind of self-taught Uhar, he says: "In the face of all 43 muscles and 10 thousand expressions! If all of them to learn, the lie detector does not need it! "
But try to memorize everything. For example, African natives somehow did not bother to that effect. They have a lie detector - ostrich egg. The person who answers the question, holding an egg in his hand. If you lie, then the egg breaks. He squeezes his involuntary little harder - and the shell can not withstand. A micro control arm muscle contraction man can not.
We have more and more difficult. It is known that women are better at detecting lies than men. Brain scans of both sexes showed that women on average between 13 and 16 key areas of the brain in both hemispheres, which are involved in communication and used for the analysis of words, tone of voice, body signals. In men, even though they lie more such zones only 4 to 7. How did it happen?
The male brain is designed to solve spatial problems, strategic. And women there to socialize. They are after all children grow. And it should be on the slightest grounds to understand that with a child - hungry, ill ... Many women can even read the emotions of animals. And they know how to look surprised or annoyed cat dog. But men hardly will distinguish one from the other. Evolutionists explain that man's task - to get into production, and not to carry on with her emotional dialogues. Although it is a different time. Modern man just has to carry on the dialogue with prey in its favor. And women need to be able to hunt.

Why are we the time?

Often we are not that time. And we speak not what we think. Or non-Contracting. The lie can be beneficial for the salvation of tact, diplomacy requirements. It is believed that if you always tell the truth, there will be no friends, no job, no relationship. But is there any one truth? Often it happens that everyone is their own. Even in the XIX century, von Neumann proposed to abandon the black-and-white thinking, where there is only "yes" or "no", only a lie or the truth only.
There are also intermediate states. This type of thinking called three-valued logic, when the same situation in different planes looks different. Do not forget about it. For example, the author of the book "Psychology of lies" Professor Paul Ekman claims that any one absolute measure lies virtually none. Analyze complex, based on the situation and the person. But still some objective signals insincerity there. How to recognize them?



When a person wants to confidently defend their lies and deliberately lying, he tries to maintain eye contact. He earnestly looking into his eyes. This is in order to know if you believe his lies. And when a person is caught unawares and wants to lie so that you forget all about it, he immediately switch your attention: go to another room supposedly on business or begins to tie shoes, papers and Snuffles to touch something under his breath. However, sometimes a person looks into his eyes, hoping to see support. He can not lie to you, but be very hesitant in the right.
When asking a question, make sure the eyes when a person is responsible. As a rule, if looks away to the side, then he remembered to tell the truth. It is important, in what direction. See the diagram on the right-neyrolingvistov psychologists telling, as indicated by the movement of the eyes.
Watch out for blinking. When lying, it is often involuntary blinking, because it is stress. But, in addition, increased blinking may indicate that the subject it is unpleasant, brings the pain. And less than a person blinks, so it is at this moment happier.


Unilateral motion - very active when only one side of the body (shoulder, arm, leg) - show man says the opposite of what he thinks. Generally, if one pulls the shoulder, she gives a lie.
Talking, takes a step back - do not believe in what he says, retreating.

If a liar suddenly felt that suddenly gave himself something, he immediately begins to intensively monitor your face, speak more slowly than usual, to weigh words ... And it can give just such a plastic body. Even if he looks relaxed and playful, the body is still tense and is in an unnatural or uncomfortable position. For example, the legs folded Iksom hands trying to weave or hide - something he's hiding from you.

... Face and lips ...

Man expresses sympathy, near the corners of her lips trembling, as if trying to up. In fact, he somehow glad this event. But he wants to hide the joy. More corners of her lips trembling, or tense when a person is happy that fooled the other.
Pursed lip - are not confident in their words, the internal opposition between word and deed. For example, he says: "Yes, I'll call you tomorrow." And he is not going to call.

Asymmetrical face, distorted smile to one side - a man feigns emotion. Some psychologists believe facial asymmetry in conversation hundred percent confirmation that the person is lying.

Cocking his chin - has for you inner rage and frustration, as if smilingly nor behaved outwardly.

Know surprisingly lasting longer than 5 seconds, false. When people are too keen to show that he was surprised, so he knew everything in advance.


People touch the neck when lying or when very excited. No wonder the man in the film, if it is some terribly important news, want to loosen his tie. And when a man behaves as if his throat, he literally afraid to let out. For example, a declaration of love or not to tell a boss insolence. Words like to stand in his throat, and he had them as if holding back.

Hands adds to the castle - hides something and keeps himself in hand, to not let out and not to betray the secret. If a man tries to hide his hands, put it in his pocket, put them on the chest, most likely lying.

In general, follow your fingers. For example, the famous gesture of "index finger up," which seems to say "! Now I will show you how to" really means: "Now I'll make you pripugnu and trust me." In the film, claiming that it is a signal inventing lies. But psychologists interpret this gesture is not so clear. A person can simply threaten, knowing that real threat does not embody. It's like a son to threaten belt, knowing that no punches.

Stroking his finger - a gesture complacency fraud. He wants to cheer himself, fearing that he would not believe.

At the end of negotiations no wonder there is a tradition to shake hands. If your interlocutor cold hands - perhaps it has fear of exposure. However, for some it is due to lack of circulation.

Excuse me for my bad english. :)

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