Why do you think that people continue to consume alcohol and tobacco knowing that it is harmful to their health?

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         Alcohol & Tabacco both are dangerously for health, but some people love to consume/drink/smoke them, even though when they are fully aware of the evil sides. Why? Here I've mentioned some reason :

● The journey starts as a teenager, there must be a friend who encouraged you to drink or smoking. Sometimes teenagers fall in rumours and they accept these as swag or show off. Gradually they addict and can't get out of these.

● As a adult people face some difficulties in life and they seek relief into Intoxication . After a time they addict into alcohol or Tabacco and continue the habit till the end of life.

Hence, the main reason behind continuing any Intoxication is addiction.


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Sadly admitting that i smoke too... Can you help me get rid of it?

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