The Taste of Green!! One of the vibrant, healthful benefits of living at the @gardenofeden!

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One of the greatest benefits of living at the @gardenofeden is the food!  

Anyone who has eaten here, or received a catering by the GOE,
enjoyed a picnic, a gift box, or a potent one-of-a-kind mouthgasm,
can attest to the love infused therein.

My daily existence at the @gardenofeden includes providing
garden fresh food to nurture body, mind and soul.

One of those daily gifts is GREEEEEEN JUICE!
We have an abundance of greens year-round,
many of which end up potently packed inside a jar for a

P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L   P-U-N-C-H

that will upgrade your health in an instant!

I get to be an integral part of every step of the process
from making the soil, planting the seeds, daily plant care,
harvesting, and juicing!!

A large variety of cultivated and wild-crafted greens are harvested fresh from the garden.

The variety and mix depends on what is abundantly available at any particular time of year.

Greens are grown here year-round, even in the coldest winter temperatures of Arlington, Texas.

This basket is 9" x 24" at its brim, and every time it's filled to overflowing
with vibrant green and often flowers too.

The greens are juiced immediately for the freshest, vitamin-packed concentrate.

This particular basket of greens produced about 8 cups of juice,
which will be added to our smoothies (that's the way the kids like it),
or taken as an intense, jolting shot of well-being!!  
The flavor varies from minty to savory,
earthy to lemony on any given day.

Every sip is an upgrade to our existence,
with many many times the nutrition one can get in eating the greens
in a salad or a cooked meal alone.

I wish you a healthful day with green
inspiration from the @gardenofeden!

Cheers to your health!!

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I got a message "only top level posts can be reglogged"....what does that mean?

Thank you for honoring me with the spotlight! I'm always grateful to share some holistic, beneficial, healthful, conscious thing. Thank you for sharing it with me @daveks.

@everlove, In my opinion, after going through from these pictures and from your words, it's reflecting as Garden Of Eden will not be less than Paradise in any form and for sure great to know and see this Green Juice.

And yes, fresh food is vital aspect and in my opinion i can imagine what essence is holding by the Garden Of Eden and whoever will visit for sure they will going to get the Organic essence and the natural environment is life's bonus.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Life at the @gardenofeden is a HUGE upgrade to life, imo. It is not, however, for everyone, as it takes true dedication and commitment to working on the self and standing in the purafire of life! But the benefits are priceless and all the facets of natural living really play into self-discovery. Ohhhh, so many blessings.

I super appreciate the acknowledgement and your comment @chireerocks. Have a blessed EVERything yourself.


Good to hear these words. And thank you so much. 🙂


Wow! Body cleansing! A healthy body need a healthy mind...(^_^) If they can't drink, is it possible to add small amount of honey?


It is definitely too intense for some people, especially those who live a more processed lifestyle. Local raw honey would be a great addition! I sometimes add cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric and/or ginger. It is super body cleansing, and will give you a jolt of energy too. Thanks for the comment @kennyroy.


Ginger and Honey I am adding! (^_^) 5x a month I am doing this! It is really super duper cleansing!


Great move @kennyroy. May you enjoy the further activation of super powers! much goodness right there .

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Potency at its finest!

howdy again everlove! oh that looks so fresh and vibrant with life giving nutrition! If people could drink something like that everyday most of them would never get sick!


Nature truly has the answers--tangible blessings!