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The decrees are a wonderful tool to keep reaching the goals of our well-being.
The power of the mind is so strong that it is enough to correctly decree the pertinent affirmations, in order to maintain our integral wellbeing in optimum conditions.
Dear friends, today we will learn to put into practice three effective decrees that provide well-being to our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Through the correct discipline of repeating them daily, we will be able to maintain our living conditions at a level of balance and tranquility.

A decree for each aspect, affirmed every day with conviction, will be enough to control and obtain an integral state of harmony and well-being, which will be reflected in all the activities we carry out. Here we present them.

Decree of physical well-being

Our material body is the vehicle that allows us to connect with the environment and carry out all those life projects that we propose.
Not only a correct diet and exercise routine can provide us with good physical health. There is a wonderful decree to maintain our physical well-being in total equilibrium.
Repeat it every morning upon awakening, with a firm and conscious attitude of the original purity of the matter that constitutes you.

"My body reflects the perfection of God, in each of its cells."
This decree is infallible. However, as in the case of any decree, it is necessary to raise consciousness and pronounce it with the conviction that the origin of our matter is perfect as well as all the matter of creation. Carrying out this affirmation in the correct way guarantees your results.

Decree of mental well-being.

Our mind and its quality of reasoning allow us to discern about decisions and ideas present at each step of life.
Beyond a neuronal issue, our mental health is necessary to enjoy good decision making and to face challenges that require a deep and precise analysis. This wonderful decree has to be repeated every day, when you start your school or work activities. Remember that it must be with a sure and clear attitude regarding the divine origin of creation.

"My mind reflects the perfection of God, in each of his ideas."
Another fabulous decree that guarantees clarity and coherence. We insist that just repeating it is not enough. Make an exercise of deep recognition of the perfect origin of the cosmic idea of ​​harmony and clarity. Say it every day, making yourself aware of the strength and veracity of its essence.

Decree of emotional well-being

Your emotions are the perfect complement to your other bodies. Preserving the welfare of your emotional health will be easier if you affirm this magnificent decree with a strong attitude.
Human emotions are generally understood as the internal response of each individual to everything he receives from his environment.

But we know that this is not necessarily the case, because many of our emotions and their quality exist in us, despite what happens around us. It is therefore very important to ensure that our emotional wellbeing is adequate to enjoy life to the fullest and not run the risk of dirtying the spiritual energy by harboring negative emotions.

"My emotions reflect the perfection of God, in each of his feelings."
A simple decree, but absolutely full of truth and pure energy of the universe. Make this affirmation while you wish yourself a good day every morning. Fill your essence of harmony and peace, and recognize that the universal light is always pure and flashing. Like the feelings in your heart.

We invite you to decree consciously and forcefully these divine affirmations, which remind you of the perfection of your existence and of your divine origin.

source: HermandadBlanca/ FrenteFantasma

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