Arkansas Medical Marijuana Update - 322 Applications Submitted, 37 Will Be Approved

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11 days ago the application count for licenses to run a medical marijuana business in the state of Arkansas stood at 20. By the deadline yesterday at 4:30 the application count stood at 322. There was a three hour wait during the afternoon hours, and the number of people turning in applications was by far greater than the number of clerks able to ensure completion before submission.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission now has to evaluate 224 dispensary applications, 32 of which will be approved, and 98 cultivation facility applications, 5 of which will be approved. The applications scoring the highest will be the ones chosen.

Here is the breakdown of what each section of the application is worth:

  • Qualifications of Applicant: 10 points
  • Financial Disclosure: 10 Points
  • Business Plan: 16 points
  • Estimated Timeline: 4 points
  • Manufacturing Plan: 14 points
  • Cultivation Facility: 8 points
  • Security and Storage: 9 Points
  • Packaging: 10 points
  • Transportation: 9 points
  • Doctor Affiliation: 2.5 points
  • Economic Impact: 2.5 points
  • Diversity: 2.5 points
  • Community Benefit: 2.5 points
    • Whether the applicant is applying for dispensary or cultivation, the ownership of the group must be at least 60% Arkansas residents for the past 7 years. They applicants will not be allowed to own multiple licenses, and will be turned down if they have previously had a marijuana license that was revoked.

      David Couch, acting executive director of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Association told that it will take several months for the commission to go through and evaluate all of the these applications. “They are volunteers with real jobs so the review period might take a while.” Before the commissioners can begin evaluation applications background checks must be completed, which may take up to 30 days. According to Scott Hardin, an Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration spokesman said the applications average about 1,000 pages long. That is a lot of paperwork to go through.

      There is no timetable for the applications to be approved. It will be very interesting to see how long the process takes, which applications are approved, and where the 32 dispensaries and 5 cultivation facilities will be. For the 1,182 people who are already registered for the medical marijuana ID card, the wait will be a true test of the patient's patience.

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      For somebody in the UK, that helps people with a low grade oil, it's very interesting to keep track, or try to, of America's shenanigans. I think it's a shame that the licensing has been made such a ball-ache.

      When we are free from the tyranny, we will be free to heal each other. This may not be in my time, unfortunately, but we can at least try to lay the foundations for future genuine free thinking people to build upon and develop.

      The licensing seems to favour those with the money to set up a business but by definition, the biggest potheads may well not be that solvent, due to their greater interest in the people around them and the world that they live in. There is no set rule, of course, and folk are strange, at the best of days. These words are the words of a strange man to some (I am one of them ha, ha, ha).

      But, to the essence of this post and the main issue. The fact that lots of patients will have to wait for treatment. We are so stuck in the dark ages in the UK and the common philosophy that all Americans are dumb, which many British people genuine believe, is a gauge of just how freely they generally think.

      We here, have a good old wait for legalisation/decriminalisation, so peoople genuinely suffer and die at the hands of mainstream medicine and it's ridiculously misinformed diagnoses and treatments. Money over and before welfare is the way the sytem rolls, and until that distorted mentality is an ugly reminder of things once passed, we may never actually not only go forward, but actually move at all and we will tread stagnant water, untill the pool runs dry.

      Anyhow, I waffle on and I apologise for that. Thank you, very much for sharing and I hope those that are in need soon get the correct medicine for themselves, or are allowed to, to be more accurate.

      Could be worse - you coud be in the U.K. :).

      All the best, @eurekaj.


      No apologies necessary for waffling on. :) I'm hoping as more and more states here legalize medical cannabis that it will be an example to the rest of the world that this isn't a terrible thing like opponents have been saying. Of course, if other countries view Americans as being dumb, they won't pay any attention to the policies we enact (unless it involves relations with their home country) or learn from. Thanks a lot for the comment!

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