Fruit of the angels. 🍑

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Six years ago I went to a writing/publishing conference in Los Angeles, California.

One of the participants I met there was a professor, interestingly, from Chicago.

Vinita is a fire-cracker! 💥 I love her energy, and am glad we stayed in contact over the years.

When we met, I remember being blown away when she told me she owned a fruit farm in Belize. It just seemed like the most daring thing. And the fact that she did it on her own... WOW.

I'm grateful for the example she set -- just by being her true self, and living as her true self... 'cause it helped my future self take note.


Fast-forward 6 years...

We now live in the same country, 3 hours from each other. She has come to visit, and brought several dozen limes and lemons from her orchard... as well as two giant papayas. We had one of 'em for filling, tasty, and nutritive breakfast smoothies (I added lemon, honey, and hemp powder) this morning.

Papaya, is also known as "pawpaw," and "angel fruit"... because colonist Christopher Columbus reportedly called papayas "fruit of the angels."

Life can seem random.
So can its lessons,
and even the people who cross our paths.

But if you just keep living, learning,
and walking your path...

... things will and do


The theme of our life emerges, as we seek and say more true things. 💚

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This is a story for your inner child.

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@erikaharris You are an Angel in Belize................3000 Followers on STEEMIT.
Nicely Done young lady............


@stokjockey, you are beyond thoughtful!! Thank you so much for the very cool gif, and for taking the time to even notice, let alone post a congrats. I appreciate you :-)

That looks so good. Whats weird is that I have the same plate.


HAHA, seriously @johndogett? That's pretty funny.

Wow ..that looks so delicious and refreshing. Now I'm going to have to go out and buy me!!!