Viper Nutrition #2: The pivotal moment

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The pivotal moment happened when I was in Florence, Italy, for a week (2012-2013) to celebrate New Year with my then girlfriend. My psoriasis had flared up so heavily and extremely that I was unable to enjoy anything of my holiday except the love I felt for my girlfriend. To make matters worse, showering in Italy meant chlorine-heavy water, which would act like salt on a snail for someone having this condition, but then, you can’t not shower for an entire week. Out of sheer desperation I randomly started reading information leaflets that came with my medicine, which first happened to be the box of Neoral pills. Miserable as I was, I came across a line that said Neoral was carcinogenic, or doctorspeak for cancer-inducing. Something in my mind snapped. I wasn’t sad. I wasn't miserable. I was enraged.

I had suddenly realised that medicine actually destroy your body, weakening the immune system, like a slow-ticking time bomb. In quick succession I also realised that medicine only treat symptoms, and that when you treat symptoms, you don’t do anything about the cause of your body being this sick. Nowadays I like to phrase it as “Sticking your head in the sand, pretending there is no lion, doesn’t suddenly make the lion vanish.” The cause of being sick, I realised, was my heavily damaged and weakened immune system, which, ironically enough, gets destroyed by these very medicine in the first place. And maybe, just maybe, when I was 12, if my GP hadn’t put me straight on hormonal medicine after just a mild rash that, frankly, I could have gotten from anything, not necessarily genetics, well… I might never have had such a severe infliction in the first place. So, by using an external factor such as these medicine, which have only been around for a couple of hundred years, instead of relying on my own regenerative skills that have been built on hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, I would never ever be able to tackle the cause of my body being sick. So what if I’m unable to heal externally? Then I need to try to heal myself internally: from the inside out, by providing myself with what mother nature intended me to have. By nourishing my genetically built-in immune system. The fighter jets in my blood stream were heavily damaged, out of missiles and soon out of petrol, so no wonder I was sick. It was time to refuel them, and properly.

Look out for Viper Nutrition #3.

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Good Article. I had the same experience when it comes to food. Check my RA blog. Upvoted!