Is Mcdonalds Good for YOU?

in health •  4 months ago

This Topic is pretty active lately so I decided to add my 2 Cents to it.

I did it as simple as possible, it's even suitable for kids :)

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I have not eaten at Mcdonalds in years!!! and I do not miss it at all. Even if they were to become more Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly. Just thinking about them now makes me want to go to the health food store stock up.

Interesting I had not read anything like this is very good greetings and my regards.

For sure not! McDonalds is not good for me and the environment. It is like almost every big company a pain for all creatures and nature on our planet. I just hate them

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It's been some time I last watched your content man...damn! You have grown some beard! That is wonderful ma man :)

Concerning McDonald..well, it's no newsflash that it's unhealthy for you, but I guess once in a while it's ok :)

Winny out...for now ;)

nice :D

The first and last time I ate at a Mcdonalds I had stomach cramps.
IE, Food poisoning