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in health •  2 years ago 

Happy #motivationmonday #fitfam did a full body heavy lift workout today. Feeling great with the new program. Tomorrow will be a day off. I was stressing out wayyy too much about my diet but I'm feeling great about my results. So for this last 3 weeks !I'm just gonna listen to my body, eat clean and enjoy every second of my life!

BTW I'm so glad that I'm done with #squatseveryday program but I can't lie about the results. Strength over the roof and quads/hamstring 💯 on point. Now time for the well define abs!

Legs Of The Gods

@wilbertphysique where you at? LOL

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Glad you don't skip leg day and look like spongebob from the waist down. Haha

Damn bro looking solid, you are putting me to shame 😮👆💰