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RE: Candida Killer: Natural Protocol for Effective Detox & Restored Health

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Lovely information! I never heard of this test before.. and was really wondering recently i had candida.. now i can finally find out!

just to repeat for everyone about to go and glug some turps from the store room.. .. and great you mentioned it.. :

There is a big difference between the medicinal version of 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine and the chemically enhanced turpentine you can pick up from your local hardware store to thin paint.

Yes, definitely worth repeating! And also worth repeating is for everyone to do their own research!
We hope you'll be healthier and happier than ever, @eco-alex!

Did you do the test? What were the results?

i haven't yet.. getting things like medicinal turpentine is a challenge where i am!

hahaha yea well you can still do the test to see what kind of candida growth you have....There are lots of other remedies that can get similar results. The diet is the big one, hi alkaline foods, garlic, onions, essential oils...
I got solutions for everything bro! Just let me know!

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