Simple Daily Exercise 1: Ping Shuai Gong, from Master Lee Feng San, done by his student Huaiying Rao

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Highly recommend everyone to try this simple yet powerful daily exercise. Great for inner qi and blood microcirculation.
Some people who has chronic ailments that believed it and did it consistently, also shared miracle like results.
I haven't heard ANY negative comments about this exercise. However, it is people own duty to take caution before starting it.

I picked it due to its simplicity.

Some of people's physical problems starts from the imbalance of our body's circulation.
Also, the older we get, less of our blood and qi will reach the far ends for most people.
This exercise will help with the microcirculation, and etc.

Please follow the official guides. The following tips are mine, only if you want to explore and try out:

  1. Try to sync your attention with your movement, relaxed yet be mindful. A moving medication form for me.
  2. Drink some warm water before and after the exercise
    (warm up your body for bette flow & assist with bringing out waste)
  3. Wash your hands with warm water or physically warm them up before doing it for faster result.
  4. Stretch out your hands semi-flat yet relaxed to stay mindful; your hands shall be very relaxed when you shake them
    behind you. It took me a while to learn to relax them through mind.
  5. I tried to let my two shoulder blades to touch each other so to massage the acupuncture points on them.
    Neither Master Lee nor his students mentioned about it though.

Hope more people learn about Master Lee's wonderful exercise form: Ping Shuai Gong.
Dig deeper, learn more. Here is a brief introduction of it:

One of the many videos on YouTube:


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