Salted cork fish

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1 kg of cork fish

1.5 packs of salt scrub

Wash fish thoroughly, remove fish scales.

Remove the contents of the fish by cutting off the head then pulling from the gills of the fish until the contents of the stomach come out.

Wash the fish thoroughly. then sprinkle the fish with salt and the fish's stomach filled with salt

Soak the fish for 4-7 days with salt. so that the texture is like salted jambal fish.

kanin Gabus recipe step 4 photo


After 4-7 days of washing fish, then split and discard the bones.

Cork Salted Fish recipe step 5 photo

Dry it under the hot sun until the fish do not drip water. cork salted fish ready to be processed ...

The best friend where you are, cork fish is very good for the health of the body for mothers after childbirth.

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