Tips to keep you in shape without stopping eating what you like best

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 «People who love to eat are always the best people» – Julia Child 

 We have a hard time daring to eat without remorse. In my opinion, there is no better way to honor life than by doing what we like and proving the fusion of flavors in new dishes. 

 They say that when you visit a new place, yes or yes you must do three things: Walk the streets, talk to the locals and taste the typical cuisine. If you don't make any of them, it's like you haven't been there. The food saves a fragment of the story, the time and dedication of the person who decided to create a delicious dish. 

 Why not bite with desire those chunks that you crave, pick up the phone and order a pizza to eat? Or how about a visit to Coyoacan to buy a churro that drains the caramel while you smell the hot chocolate that will make you company? 

 The first problem that we do not dare to continue eating what we like is because we believe everything that we are told or read on social networks and our fear of the extra kilos limits us unnecessarily to the pleasures that we like. 

 We mistakenly align ourselves to extreme habits and diets that, far from helping us, can prove counterproductive. What we do not know is that to care for our weight you only need to pay attention to certain changes that will make a difference while you continue to taste your favorite dishes. 

 Care portions 

 They say that all extremes are bad, and what do you think? It's a totally true phrase. If you want to take care of your food to maintain the perfect balance, you need to consume the right portions, especially because we live deceived with the idea that the less we eat, the better. Lie! 

 The responsible consumption in terms of quantity and components is the key to not stay with the desire to eat anything you fancy without worrying about losing your figure. 

 Do not remove the sweet, better use non-caloric sweeteners 

 To lead a healthy life, you don't need to get all the sweet pleasures out of your life. Sugar substitutes or non-caloric sweeteners are the option to give our dishes that sweet taste that we love without consuming more calories. Non-caloric sweeteners are ideal for controlling your calorie intake without risk, because anyone can consume them. 

 In any supermarket you can find a wide variety of light products with non-caloric sweeteners, or you can prepare your own dishes with your favorite non-caloric sweetener. 

 Get exercise every day 

 Nor are we saying that you should spend hours in the gym and carry a lot of weight or get into high performance sports like CrossFit, you just need to move and activate your body so you can burn those calories you consumed during the day. Walk, go dancing or just change the car for a bike, save a lot of money, take care of the environment and also you will feel lighter and you can control your weight. 

 To keep fit you just need to adopt new habits and change your consumption decisions. Once you learn to see beyond what you already are or products that we have had very deep rooted, you will learn to distinguish between the good and the best. 

 Open the door with sugar substitutes and learn to eat without remorse. 

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