Massage acupressure treatment for ejaculation disorder

in health •  6 months ago

Traditional medicine has many ways that can help you overcome and improve this situation. It is simple but equally effective if you do the right thing, it is conducted on a number of common acupuncture points. Please introduce some of the following acupuncture massage methods:

Option 1: When the husband starts the operation, the wife uses two sharp fingers to press on the husband's internal intestines for about 10 minutes. The importance of this method is to determine the correct position of the acupuncture, if wrong then will not achieve the desired effect. If it is correct, the husband must feel pain, numbness in place. Furthermore, the force of the wife must be strong enough to give rise to this feeling. According to men, premature ejaculation is largely due to psychological causes. In order to have normal sexual intercourse, there must be a smooth balance between excitement and suppression. Too sensitive to excitement can lead to algae. Day acupressure acupuncture will have a great effect in reducing this unnecessary sensitivity.
Method 2: In addition to acupuncture points, one can also press another acupuncture point has the same meaning, which is the acupuncture point. This is the acupuncture point of the three pulse, pulse and the director, the use of renal strength, low heat benefits, the ancient people used in the treatment of diseases of the genitals, anus and urinary, especially Diseases such as genitals, ejaculate, premature ejaculation, menstrual disorders. As a matter of fact, in order to protect against algae, the husband can either manually or with his index finger or middle fingers press the acoustic neurons for about 10 minutes. Because this is also a very sensitive acupressure, so if the force is strong enough, it will also work to reduce the excitement to restore the balance of the nerve, thereby lengthening the time of intercourse. Of course, because it is located near the anus, this location needs a good cleaning before the room.

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