Can hereditary diseases like diabetics and asthma be prevented?

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Apparently yes,

Diabetes is a health condition in which the blood glucose level rises above normal (6.1-7.0mmol/L).

Diabetes can be inherited which is usually referred to as gestational diabetes (i.e from mother to her foetus).

Diabetes can also be incurred through lifestyle. Which happens when there's an impairment in the secretion of insulin and also inability of the insulin to function effectively when it has been secreted.

Inherited diabetes could be gestational (mother to child) or diabetes in family history.

Whichever way, it can be prevented when adequate and proper measures are taken.

The following measures can help prevent hereditary diabetes:

1. Check your risk of diabetes

Carry out a risk assessment test to confirm the possibility of being diabetic. It is the first thing to do, so as to ascertain how to go about with your lifestyle.

2. Manage your weight

Excessive body weigth, more especially fats stored around the abdomen can increase the body's resistance to insulin when secreted.

3. Quit smoking

Smokers are at a greater risk of getting diabetes than non smokers. The risk to benefit ratio of smoking is 5:1. That's if at all there's any health benefit in smoking.

4. Limit Alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol leads to weight gain, which in turn raises the triglyceride level.

5. Maintain a healthy balanced diet

Reduce your fat intake in your diet more especially saturated and trans fat. Go back a little on salt. Eat more fruits.

6. Exercise regularly

Go moderately on physical activities most of the week days. It helps in reducing blood glucose and also maintain blood pressure.

7. See your doctor for regular check-ups

Always try your best to carry out some medical test such as blood glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol level. This will help you to know your body chemistry. As we grow old our body depreciate in function.

I hope this answer helps in regards to preventing hereditary diabetes.


wouldnt eating more fruits have the opposite effect on insulin that one would hope for?

No dear.
Excessive intake of carbohydrates often triggers the pancreas to secrete insulin which regulates the level of glucose.
Eating more fruits wouldn't stress the pancreas which produces the insulin.

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thats super interesting, so fruits and carbs don't have the same effect when it comes to insulin? didnt know that. thanx @dklasic

Fruits provides more of vitamins to the body. Which aids in tissue repair and other processes.
It doesn't pose a risk on the pancreas.

You're welcome dear

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