Day 2 Of the 7 Day Cold Water Challenge - Almost Quit Already =(

in health •  2 years ago

Even after feeling great from yesterday's cold shower... still wasn't easy to "dive" back in.

After a little bout of insomnia last night (maybe 3-4 hours of sleep) I definitely struggled to keep following through with the challenge.

"Noone will know if I take a hot shower, who really would care anyways?"

These toxic thoughts began to creep up again trying to persuade me against the change. But SCREW THAT! I quickly remembered that I am not doing this for the confirmation from Steemit, I am doing this for my own health benefits! If it helps inspire others to do it as well, even better, but that is secondary to my own personal mission!

After following through with the second cold shower morning, again I felt invigorated for the day and inspired to be active and accomplish the goals I have for myself. Somehow, pushing through the initial discomfort of the cold, and the shivers it sends through my body, makes me feel like I can do anything. It's as if simply dealing with cold water is enough verification of willpower that other tasks seem easier to take on and complete.

One little trick that helps me break habits - changing my environment

Breaking a habit is hard. Really, really hard. Your whole body and mind is accustomed to a certain routine, and breaking out of it requires a certain amount of "activation energy." Normally I deal with this by creating a noticeable change in my life to help.

Right before I started the cold shower challenge, I cleaned up my apartment and rearranged my furniture. This might sounds completely unrelated to showers, but by introducing this new layout, it somehow helps my brain know that "things are going to be different now."

It's never too late to change your life! Start your mornings out with a change to inspire your own goals in life!

  • Do you want to change some aspect of your life?
  • Do you find yourself constantly saying - "I'll start tomorrow." or "I don't feel up to it today."

Don't let yourself think about it. Just wake up and do it. It won't kill you, just man up and take control of your life and prove to yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

It's just cold water, quit delaying your life and be the person you want to be TODAY!!

Header image from Seinfeld

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