How should our morning routine be

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Hello my all friends So today in the morning you should teach us how to stay fresh in the morning.By the way, it is known to everyone that everyone is aware that after getting up in the morning and waiting for the freshness.But due to our second important job, we can not focus on our health.But today we have brought in a process that is called Yoga. You can go to the terrace to do yoga or even at an open place.Well I did not take any yoga class but all this was taught in my school by our yoga teacher.

  1. The frust pranayam is kapal bhati
    First of all, you sit in an open place and make your ride straight.
    So now you have to push your breath through the nose And throw them out.
    And meditate you do not want to breathe in, just as much as it is possible to let go.
    And if you get tired then stop it a little later.
    In the beginning you should do it for 1 minute and gradually increase the time.

There is a lot of benefits from this one's being.
Well, we should do all the rituals but nobody has the time, then that person can do this one thing. I'm sure you would like my post

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