Do not eat all the food in Sehari

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Ramadan is an important month for Muslims. This month is a month of restraint for the Muslims. It is obligatory for each and every Muslim to fast in may. To fasting, everyone has to join the Sahari.

Many times Muslims eat delightful food in Sehri. Such foods always make us sick, many sufferings in Ramadan, a lot of which we do not know. It is therefore very important to follow the rules of Sehri if you need to maintain your healthy body fast for a whole day.

Since sehari's food will depend on your health. If you would like to stay healthy, do not eat all the food that you eat in Sehirah, let's know.

Ovum are a nutritious meals though. The foods that are needed in the diet fill vitamins. Yet do not eat an ovum cooked curry completely in seafood. Because the eggs can be produced in your stomach, which will make the as fast as possible smell all day long. Moreover, blood pressure may also greatly increase.

In our country it will have pulses with rice. Although on the night of sehiri never eat beat food. Especially Dalva, Glass or Boot Dal If perhaps you want to have, make lentil pulses thin. Since the pulse produces a lot of gas in an empty stomach. As a result, you may feel pain your stomach all day and get unwell.

Khichuri is a food that makes the body very hot. Because of this, you will not eat this hot meal at night in Sehri. Since it can make your stomach bad and you may become physically ill due to excessive temperature.

Oiled food:
Will not eat more oiled foods in sehirira. For example, avoid polao, biryani, dal or other fried foods. Since these foods often cause various sorts of problems including drying throat.

" lemon ":
Playing lemon in Sehore can increase your assiditude and unwell easily. Therefore do not eat citrus in sehirira.

Cold beverages:
In fact, cold refreshments are nothing but extra sugar and sweet. This kind of food is not injected aside from some bad chemicals in your body. Also, cold refreshments may be used to make the body hydrated. So completely avoid cool drinks in the seahorse.

Junk food Nutrition:
The only way to eat a seahari is to stay low. Therefore, never eat fastfood foods eaten sehirira. This could cause digestion in your digestive system, and you will get ill quickly and physically.