The weather is making me Sick 🤢🤢🤢

in health •  2 years ago

Sorry for the pic I just got up from the depths of our bed..😂😴

How are you guys???

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything yesterday.. I don't feel really well.. here in the Philippines the weather is so unpredictable (it gets really hot at the afternoon then suddenly it'll start to rain then Hot again and when it's night it'll rain hard) I just don't want to go out anymore!, but I have my mommy duties so yeah I have no choice but to get up..😂😂😂haha I still love what I do so it's okay..☺

Anyway I will try to post something good later have a blessed day or night every one, stay safe!..😙💖


OWW!!.. ( I just want to share this cause i'm so head over heels with this boy so much.. 😍)


Here is my Son he had his hair cut yesterday and I have to take him to have his picture professionally taken for his school papers and requirements..


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Hope you're feeling better by now :) We need more randomness :)


thank you so much my friend @greatdabu
ill try to post later or tomorrow..
still not feeling okey.. 😢😢😢

Hi @deism12
Nice share this time. I don't have many word to say some thing. I sure you are the best one on steemit.
‌I have latest post about health. Waiting for your coming @deism12
Upvote and follow done.


thank you so much @hendraabyie :)

Get well, dear! We need you on steemit:)


thank you so much my dear friend @inber 😘😘😘