How To Count Reps Without Counting Minutes

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Yesterday's (Friday's) workout was pretty drawn out time-wise. It didn't seem longer than normal up until I got to the dead lift.


I always take at least a 4 minute rest between my 3 main sets, which is just 2 four minute periods for the main portion of my HBCP workout. Overall this results in me getting home just before 7am, but yesterday I didn't leave the gym until that time.

It's really not a big deal, but I was surprised when I looked up at the clock on the wall when I was finishing my dips and curls and saw the time.

Anyway, the numbers...

squat - 10x25 10x45 5x95 4x115 4x135 3x145 5x155 5x160 5x165 5x145

This not a new mark, since it's right about what I've been doing the last couple of weeks. However, I did start doing it differently by using the low bar method. This means the bar position, my hands and overall technique is not the same as the previous method I've been using up to now which was the high bar method. Given how it went, I will continue with the low bar for a while if not for good.

bench press - 10x45 5x95 4x115 3x135 2x155 5x165 5x166.25 5x167.5 7x135

Like the squat there was no new mark and it was a matter of technique work as much as weight. Still, I felt good about the numbers and the form with this one.

dead lift - 5x135 3x205 5x240 2x205

Ok, this IS a new mark and it felt that way. My last rep was very difficult and I almost lost my grip before I finished it. Heck, just getting the first rep started was in question.

dips - 3x5x52.5

This is also a new mark.

outward curls - 3x5x27.5

Overall, this workout was solid and something I feel fine hanging my hat. Still, it is but one step, one brick more in my slow, steady quest to build that classic physique.

Thanks for reading.


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