Why Sunlight is essential to our body

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Everyone knows vitamin D can easily obtain from sunlight; however, statistics say most significant percentage of people around the world is lack of vitamin D deficiency due to various reasons. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, which is produced and stored by our body than depending on our diets. Sunshine is converted into chemicals within the body to produce the vitamin. While adults are assumed to have at least min percentage of deficiency, people who are more vulnerable are those who are dark skinned, overweight and live in less sun exposed areas.

The newest statistics demonstrate that more than 90% of the pigmented populace of the United States (Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians) now suffer from vitamin D insufficiency (25-hydroxyvitamin D <30 ng/ml), with nearly three fourths of the white population in this country also being vitamin D insufficient.Source

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Deficiency in Vitamin D is associated with many numbers of diseases such as cancers, and hypertensions. This deficiency is also occurring because of shift works, where night shift workers get to take the vitamin from the sunlight is very less, and in door workers. Unfortunately, sunlight from glass does not give you much vitamin D.
The surprising cause of the deficiency is misusing sunscreens. Research says almost 1 billion people around the world are deficient because of chronic diseases and usage of sunscreen.

People are spending less time outside and, when they do go out, they're typically wearing sunscreen, which essentially nullifies the body's ability to produce vitamin D. Source

While it is good for safe skin against skin cancer, but researchers say, spending an adequate amount of time on sunlight will give daily-recommended value. Because we cannot get enough vitamin D from food or any supplements.

The major cause of vitamin D deficiency is the lack of appreciation that sun exposure in moderation is the major source of vitamin D for most humans. Very few foods naturally contain vitamin D, and foods that are fortified with vitamin D are often inadequate to satisfy either a child's or an adult's vitamin D requirement. Source

The people with lighter skin than those with darker skin more likely to observe more Vitamin D as it totally depends on the melanin in your body. This substance will be relinquished when you absorb ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. So, it depends on the quantity of melanin released which is directly proportional to quantity of vitamin D, where cholesterol in our body helps to do this process.

When it comes to recommendation, researchers say about 15minutes of exposure to sunshine is requisite although it fairly depends on the person’s characteristics such as tone and weight. Dark coloured skin people may want to expose up to 40min, researchers say. So get outdoors from today and enjoy sunshine.


Sunlight is very effective against my depression.....

Can't live without it for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Bring on the sun ☀️!
It is a free cure for so many problems.

And though taking vitamin D3 is becoming more common for people, the vitamin alone is not enough — you need actual sunlight to activate the full hormone in your body.

Get outside when the sun is high even if only for a couple minutes

Most of people think that we get sick more often during Winter because of lower temperatures, but in fact is because of lack of sun exposure!

Very good post!

Thank you for this comprehensive post - I think the impact of our vitamin D balance is greatly underestimated. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to get enough sun exposure in countries like Germany, where it actually started snowing today and the sun hides behind the clouds most of the time...but till the summer sun warms us again, we can still get through this with vitamin D pills ;)

Sunlight sure is the source of life on earth!

There are many other interesting aspects of sunlight exposure neglected by science, such as large photoactivated protein complexes capable of carrying out a broad spectra of reactions and signaling.

Might our connection to the sun go beyond biochemistry aswell, i wounder...

without sunlight life wouldn't exist

Sunshine is the best medicine. Nice post.

I was on the sun a lot and I never got sick during that time. Some things changed and I couldn't stay on the sun so much and my helth changed also

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This is very informative! It isn't always easy trying to get enough vitamin D in the winter if living in a cold climate. Also, vegans don't eat dairy so that is another factor. Thanks for the important information!

interesting post thanks

You hit on some good points. Sunshine is so necessary! I switched to natural home-made sunscreen made with coconut oil, carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil, and acai berry. Sunscreen is generally pretty bad for you!

I have been telling people this for years. You have done a fantastic job of explaining it in your post, @dcrypto

upvoted and resteemed...without the sun there wouldnt be life, simple as that YEEHHH!

I don’t think it is just sunlight that is important but everything is needed. It is absolutely vital to have balance way towards things; it is only way forward with how we go about it. I am no expert for it, but I am well aware of how to handle these things and that is all thanks to this lovely article http://www.blackburndistributions.com/blog/supplements-fatigue-stress-tiredness/

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We feel very relax under sun rays in cold. Sun a blessing of GOD, and a Medicine for us.

Informative post

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Great article, thank you for sharing. I live in Alaska, in the interior where we get about 4 hours of daylight around Winter Solstice on December 21. I take 5000 IU of D3 a day, in combination with 100mcg of K2, which I have read helps with utilization. It's difficult to get out and soak up the sun when it sets at 3:30PM. I have not felt the winter blues, so I have to say that D3 by itself seems to work. It's the safflower oil source, the label says is the most bio-available. So from personal experience, I have to say that form of D3 is adequate to keep me from getting the winter blues!

Vitamin D can easily to get it obtain from sunlight only for kids but old people need it from medication this is what i hear from some people

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