Young boy mauled by Pitbulls

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See the GoFundMe attached and read the words of his father below .. I am David Emanuel and you can see I donated $150 and I encourage everyone to dig deep and consider how you feel if this was your child.

Lets share LOVE ..

Here is the description by the father

and in his father words: Ok here we go. First ever play date , first. Other parent her son and Jack dropped into her friends place for quick visit. Lady knew the friend had dogs 2 American pit bulls (the council had received numerous prior complaints for dogs escaping and feared for their own kids)the lady or owner of dogs was renting so it was housing commission, moved the dogs into the kitchen closed the sliding door and let the 2 kids and adults in .the dogs barked knowing someone was there . At some point someone wanted to use the toilet and opened the door, the dogs bolted out and down the hall , everyone except my son immediately took off into other rooms , scared of the dogs , Jack was unaware of the immediate danger was left alone in the lounge room . One was running that quick jumped up and bit him on the face the other grabbed his leg the first one came back and latched onto his head , they then had a tug of war over him pulling his leg while the other had a mouth full of his hair after pulling at him his scalp gave way and tore off the dog ate it , the wound was the size of my palm , with still no help they mauled him while throwing him around the room . He suffered descalping , his face torn around his mouth smashing more than a dozen teeth, punctuations to his arms , legs , face before the owner herself came out to save him pulling one off locking it up , all while the other dog had his way with my son inflicting more horrific damage, they decided to not call an ambulance because of blood loss and the extent of injuries got towels and rushed him to Canberra hospital. The owner didn't go to the hospital she took the dogs to another address to avoid police impounding them .when I got to the hospital the police where there and said expect the worst when the curtains were pulled back ,nothing could prepare me for what I saw and I went weak at the knees nearly colapsing at the sight of my son .the police told me they were on their way around to seize the dogs i later learnt she had removed them and herself. I was told many complaints had been made to council because the neighbors concidered them dangerous and the backyard was not secure to contain the full grown pitt bulls , no leads or cages where there in the yard. My boy was 6yrs old weighted about 20 kilos , these full grown pit bulls weight was about 50 plus kilos two of them . The owner remained missing with the dogs for 2 days. She eventually fronted the police with two dogs, not sure if they were the ones had to discribe the dogs in hospital to make sure she presented the dogs in question. The dogs were destroyed immediately she had no insurance, contents or otherwise and on the dole , we attempted to get compensation through ACT government but lost on a technicality and the judge apologized for the law not covering him . They then made amendments to the law (which to me is an admission of guilt ) we asked for a gratis payment due to the extreme injuries but was knocked back by Mr Barr , leader and treasure at the time still is .while the light rail worth millions goes ahead my son is bullied with names like dog boy, and ugly is making every day at school terrible. 17 procedures later and more to come they book him for operations during school holidays so not to interupt school. His scalp has still not joined up leaving a 4inch long 2 inch wide hairless bare patch on top of his head they have been trying to pull together. I'll obtain the hospital photos and consequent photos of his on going procedures to rectify the missing scalp, the damage both emotionally and physical is huge , nightmares, fears of walking alone to and from school buses and normal playing in parks the street, new places is unfortunately something he struggles with still 8 yrs later , closure in the way of compensation would go a long way to help in his recovery.

The GoFundMe is organised by a medical professional and is not fund raising for the family but it goes directly to medical expenses

Lets do our best to resteem and spread this around save_image.jpg

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