The Harmful Effects of Sleeping in a Bra.

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The Harmful Effects of Sleepi
of the bra while sleeping could be so harmful to the health of women
folks and this has been discouraged by some health practitioners.
bra1 - The Harmful Effects of Sleeping in a Bra.
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A bra is worn to support the brsts, provide modesty and increase
the sense of security a women feels. It temporarily affects the shape of
the br
sts, such as uplifting them to create a cleavage.

In the 1930s, a boyish look was fashionable, so bras were worn to
flatten the chest. For larger women, it also provides welcome control.
However, there has been a strong dialogue about the harmful effects of
wearing a bra, especially during sleep.

(1) Restlessness

Wearing a bra can be irritating for some women at the best of
times, so sleeping could enhance this feeling. Women who sleep on their
back may feel the bra catch press into their skin, causing discomfort.
An underwire bra could also dig into the underside of the chest tissue,
causing scratching or red grooves. The effect of these problems is
waking through the night and continuous discomfort.

(2) Weakened Ligaments

Although support is a primary reason to wear a bar, it can actually
be adverse to a woman’s health. The brsts do not develop strong
ligaments because they do not take the weight of their own load.
Therefore, br
sts can sag more if a bra is constantly worn. If the bra
is worn both day and night, the br**sts do not have the opportunity to
use the ligaments at all, and this worsens the problem.

(3) Cancer

The book “Dressed to Kill,” published in 1995, suggested that a bra
inhibits lymphatic drainage, increases chest temperature and levels of
prolactin. Consequently, the authors Singer and Grismaijar proposed that
this increases the risk of a woman developing cancer.

However, Louise Brinton at the National Cancer Institute suggests
this is not a viable, scientific explanation because it is does not
relate to endogenous hormone levels that are associated with cancer.
Therefore, although disputed, some thinkers believe that wearing a bra
contributes to cancer, and wearing it all the time would increase this

(4) Excess Sweat

Being sweaty is a side effect of wearing a bra to bed. The extra
material and padding stifles the air flow around the skin and
consequently can make a woman abnormally hot and sweaty. This can cause
itching and discomfort to the wearer. Women who do sleep in a bra should
make sure it is made from a breathable fabric like cotton.

NB: Bra is an abbreviation of the word “brazier.”

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