What i found out this week about eating - and how i went from possible leukemia to possible healing my thyroid and normal blood results

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What a Week...
On Monday Morning I had an appointment at my doctor to take a blood sample.

I had followed Jeff Berwick on his YouTube Channel and shared his experience about Fasting, eating only 1-2 Times a day, and than only fruits or vegatables. On the Same time a close Female Friend lend me twoknow books: One on food combining and the other on breatharianism. I thought... well this is maybe doable...but of course another part of me was freaking out.

I was also Following the Vegatble Police on YouTube and Montreal Healthy Girl, which both had healed their "Intestinal Colities" with Fruits and Vegatables...

2008 my Bloodresults started to show low leukocyts and from there a long journey from doctor to doctor started and my fear was: "You will be dead soon son, before you startwill living!"

2017: The More i got into health - the more vegan i became. Ar the same time my blood results got worse: Blood platelets, Red Blood Cells and everything was going down even more. I asked my Doctor can this be "Food- or eating related" and everybody told me "NO"... this is a strange condition, and we have to check your bone marrow... they did twicei, without a result.

But I could not believe what the doctors where telling me, because for 27 years of my life I have had severe Dermatitis, and after a lot people suggestes to me “cut out milk and dairy products“, and after alot of hesitation, I finally did. After just a few weeks all my sympthoms where gone. For EVER!

So i Searched the internet, and I kinda got the Idea that the foods I was eating maybe caused harm to my gut. I found out about "the leaky gut" syndrom...

I thought and felt that now was the time to change - enough of ROCK Bottom - I want to heal and bet healthy and strong! Everybody I was following on YouTube was talking about "Juicing, eating only little, fruits & vegatables and getting STRONG and being RIPPED???"

So i tried, with the blood sample appointment in mind. I had only One week to go, short time to change anything in the body, but if this would work, small things had to change in the bloos Results.

A week and a day later I got the blood results - and it had worked. My blood results were normalizing. All the important Indicators were going up to normal. Before they where falling for YEARS!

Something was really working here, but I a little afraid to go fully raw vegan, but the food combining and eating little and only when hungry did make sense to me.

And than I found out about John Rose, and what he said made also much sense. Also what was written in the book my friend had lend me: That the foods we eat stay in our intestine a certain time, and that fruit passes through our system very quick and we are therefore healthy. When we eat meat it takes much longer for the food to pass and exit our intestines.
And if we mix our foods, Proteins and Carbs for example, the gut needs far longer to digest - I was mixing every meal Carbs and Proteins, for the Last ten years. So things got clogged up.

I looked into JOHN ROSE, FULLY RAW KRISTINA, VEGATABLE POLICE, JEFF BERWICK and it made all sense to me.
I also was suffering from years of MUCUS im my lungs, and a Thyroid gland that could not produce enough Hormones (Hashimotos disease).
After I ate, i noticed a certain bloating, and sometimes heartburn, and dryness in my throat and MUCUS building up in my lungs! I looked into GERD & Acid Reflux, and I noticed the connection to "hashimoto's disease" and "low stomach acid, GERD (gastric reflux disease), and acid reflux.
I realized that mybe I was harmingdu my own body with the way i ate.
(I will do a video on this, the upcoming days.)

I also watched two great Ted Talks about the benefits of FASTING and the Ketogen Diet.
(The human body could run on fat, rather than carbs, and that the breakfast, lunch & diner habits were really designed the working class a hundred years ago).

If you suffer from anything I mentioned above take a look into the Names and Videos I posted here:

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