Worship morning sun, obtain refuge within the afternoon.

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Sun lovers, take note: New analysis suggests your skin cells is also best ready to combat the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light rays early within the morning and ar most vulnerable within the afternoon. Investigators say mice World Health Organization were exposed to ultraviolet light radiation close to the top of their wake cycle developed 5 times as several tumors as people who got the ultraviolet light blast shortly when they awakened. That’s as a result of a definite DNA-protecting macromolecule in mice—which humans conjointly have—was highest shortly when they woke and lowest before they slept.

“If this can be true for humans, and it’s extremely shown that morning exposure is a smaller amount harmful, it'll be a beautiful issue to understand,” says Harrison, New York, skin doctor Jennifer Kitchin, MD. Don’t take this as a call for participation to move to the tanning bed, that could be a best-known substance, she warns. except for activities like farming and taking long walks with the dog, “for now, do them within the morning,” she advises.


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