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I Woke Up With Crippling Anxiety

in health •  last year

meditation, working with your hands such as carving, sculpting, painting or so on, iado, ti chi, hobbies and reading all have helped me at times. i force myself to focus on the task that i am busy with to try to drowned out all other thoughts that could be harmful.
my favorate way to help myself to combat anxiety is to meme shit post and troll. i love to troll the hell out of youtube and yahoo answers. i make sure to try to keep my trolling on the lighter side and make it apparent that its all in fun.

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Whatever works for you, do it!

I think those are all very fine tools to help cope and hopefully they help improve your quality of life. However, the resources in this article are all things I've used to help me rid myself of anxiety disorder and panic attacks, I no longer experience them at all, they're gone. The website I linked to and the book I mentioned (both are related as they're created by the same person) were very powerful jumping-off points for me. In the end I wound up adopting a different frame of mind and decided to rid myself of what was getting in the way of life and hopefully others can see this post and perhaps do the same... thanks for taking the time to read this and reply to my article, I do appreciate it a lot & I wish you all the best.