You Control Your Health, How To REVERSE Cancer

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You Control Your Health!


So if you have cancer, and eat any sugar, apart from naturally occurring sugar in un-altered natural fruit veg and nuts, then you are Feeding the cancer cells.


Cancer cells turn away oxygen and instead grab sugar and ferment it THEY LOVE CANE SUGAR IN PARTICULAR so please limit foods that have an ingredient list! (1), (2)

Cancer HATES oxygen, SO TAKE LOTS OF DEEP BREATHS PLEASE :), also the food you eat and the water you drink has a MASSIVE imapct on the oxygen in your cells! Ill try and simplify it.

Any food that has an ACIDIC reaction in the body, produces 1 Oxygen and 1 Hydrogen.

Any food that has an ALKALINE reaction in the body, produces 3 Oxygen, 1 Hydrogen and 1 Carbon.

By eating an alkaline diet, you are filling your cells with 3 parts oxygen!

As all alkaline foods only contain natural sugars then by eating an all alkaline diet, you will not be giving it anything to feed it, but instead suffocating it, with oxygen!

Thank you for reading!

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