Alkaline foods, The basics.

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Alkaline Foods are becoming all the hype, but do they actually do anything?



The difference between alkaline and acidic is the amount of oxygen! Oxidative stress is the cause of most things bad, and what is it? Lack of oxygen.

As alkaline food produces bicarbonate ions, this contains 3 parts oxygen, 1 part hydrogen amd 1 part carbon.

Acidic food produces hydroxide ions, 1 part hydrogen amd 1 part oxygen.

So, Alkaline foods produce 3 times the amount of oxygen as acidic food, so they help massivley reverse oxidative stress and hempa the muscles hold much more oxygen!

Some alkaline foods include:


• Almonds
• Avocado
• Bell Peppers (make sure ORGANIC or thourughly washed)
• Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
• Kale
• All mushrooms (except Shitake)
• Olives
• Okra
• Sea Vegtables! (Wakame/dulse/nori/hijiki/arame)
• Squash
• Tomotoe (cherry and plum only!)
• Turnip Greens
• Zucchini
• Watercress


• Apples
• Bananas (Smallest or burro bananas)
• Berries (All, but no cranberries!)
• Cantaloupe
• Cherries
• Currants
• Dates
• Figs
• Grapes (SEEDED)
• Limes (key limes preffered with seeds)
• Mango
• Orange (seville or sour)
• Papayas
• Peaches
• Pears
• Plums
• Prickly Pear
• Raisins (Seeded)
• Soft Jelly Coconut
• Soursop
• Tamarind


• Amaranth
• Fonio
• Kamut
• Quinoa
• Rye
• Spelt
• Tef
• Wild Rice

Nuts & Seeds

• Hemp Seeds
• Raw Sesame Seeds
• Walnuts
• Brazil Nuts


• Coconut Oil (Do not cook)
• Olive Oil (Do not cook)
• Rapeseed Oil
• Sesame Oil
• Hempseed Oil
• Avocado Oil

Alkaline Flavours & Spices Coming in Next Post!

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

howdy sir dan47! this is great, thanks for giving us this list, this helps tons. Why do you say do not cook for the coconut and olive oils though?
sorry I'm recharging my vote but will be back.


Howdy janton! Its because when you cook with them they start to produce carcinogens, as soon as it starts to steam the coconut or olive oil carcinogens are being released inside, its best to always keep foods under 100°C tbh but on the occasions use the other oils, or I normaly just use a splash of water👍


howdy back sir dan47! so in other words you don't cook with oil? It's pretty hard to cook with low heat, I guess you just have to have patience because it would take so much longer. great information to have, thank you.