Healthy Life Tips.

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  1. Set a Healthy Diet
    Multiply eating fruits, vegetables and foods that contain lots of protein instead of fat.

  2. Start Moving
    Moving in this case is to exercise, with exercise the body will feel more fit.

  3. Laugh
    Laughter can make you young, because laughter can make your heart and calories healthy without us knowing it.

  4. Reduce Soda Drinks
    Soda drinks can accumulate sugar and make fat.

  5. Drink More Water
    Drinking water at least 8 glasses a day is an easy and inexpensive way to live healthy.

  6. Start Making Juice
    Enjoying juice regularly is one way of healthy lifestyle that is easy to do besides drinking water.

  7. Do not Forget Sleeping
    Sleep aims to rest the body and manage stress, and maintain beauty.

  8. Get in the habit of Positive Thinking
    Positive thoughts will keep you from stress, increase confidence and keep the other body organs remain maximal.

  9. Throw Away Bad Habits
    Stop smoking, drink alcohol, stay up late every night to eat fast food. Start from reducing your bad habits and get rid of if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.



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