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I do not like to get overloaded with fluids that is why I am just drinking if I am thirsty although my Parathyroid medicine is keeping me sip my pineapple juice from time to time just for me to wash down the bitter taste in my mouth.

But now that is rainy season here I am not perspiring much and I get filled up with fluid fast. It is a seemingly peculiar problem and not an issue to most but of course it is different for me because that only way that I can let out extra water from my body is through dialysis.

I just have to really control myself from drinking much because it will make my life harder as extra fluids makes me develop breathlessness. If you combine breathlessness with body pains and stiffness then life really is not liveable even for me.

Maybe next year things will be different once my health insurance gets an improvement to give me more dialysis treatment allocations per year. That is what I am waiting for that could give me a better well-being because before I get breathless I will get dialyzed.

The only issue is it will incur more expense and going to dialysis is a whole day affair because we have to prepare prior plus dialysis takes 4 hours to complete and it is not that easy now that I get to have crashing blood pressure and discomfort nearing the end of the session.

So I still have some problems if that happens so I just have to pray that cryptos would be nicer and get more valuation otherwise my funds could run out and that is really a nightmare for me if that would happen because nobody in my relatives are helping except the friends that I got here at steem. I just need prayers.


We need star trek medicine for you man.

Maybe you could use massages like the cat picture?

i feel like you could make youtube videos and wear different masks of various super heros, one day use iron man mask another day batman, u know @jerrybanfield was wearing batman costumes while streaming on youtube/dlive etc lol show off all ur steem posts etc, just need to make your brand carry over into youtube.

I needed more than medicine @ackza I needed a miracle.