Dear Diary: This Is One Of My Pain Days

in health •  5 months ago


Today I have this issue again with my hip joint pain and I really do not know the origin of why it is just so uncomfortably painful especially when I walk and add to it my back issue as well together with my knees and feet. I do not know what to do anymore but I will just keep myself here on my bed and wait and pray for things to subside.

If only crying will ease these things but nothing to benefit from it and it seems that I am already numb about my condition that the pain is the only thing that bothers me and not anything else because I can feel it even if I am not moving around.

I am only frustrated now to the bones because my efforts to cure myself with expensive medicines seems not to work. My only hope was this parathyroid surgery but it requires a series of clearance tests, funding, and the faith that people around me including my own endocrinologist that I can do it but they don't believe so I can't get a support including from my parents.

But as soon as I amass some funds I will just use it so that I could get the medical attention that I want for me. It is a long process for that to get a reality but I will still strive for it. I just pray that crypto prices would jump soon because I am only relying from it to give me hope about my current condition so I am patient until I my patience runs out.

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I hope you have to bear less pain

I wish you quickly live your pain and happy to enjoy your every day .

Asi es amigo debemos de tener mucha paciencia con las cryptos ya que muy pronto esperemos suban de precio nuevamente @cryptopie. Y recuerda Dios nunca abandona a sus hijos, todos rezaremos para que puedas muy pronto acerte la cirugia que tanto deseas para mejorar tu salud

stay strong , you are in my prayers ❤️

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I see beside your health issue the crypto is also going against you. It is going down today. How will you make fund? I request the entire Steemit community and God help you.