Dear Diary: Severe Weather Bearing Near My Location

in health •  4 months ago


We call Hurricanes here Typhoons and this one is still getting stronger as it goes on its way near my country. It is so bog that it already can engulf two quarters of my country and it is still getting some strength because it gets its power from the warm water beneath it.

So by the time it gets into my location it is already a Super Typhoon and it is not good either it hits land or not because it will going to drag the Monsoon rains from down southwest. This is one of my worries because of the floods that I so lament about because it means that I will have to use my sister's toilet when hard rain comes down again.

These are the things that I worry about outside my body because it means trouble not only for me but also for my parents because I am such a drag for them. Nothing I can do now but to pray for the Typhoon not to transform into a Super Typhoon and give me some degree of misery because I do not deserve any much more of a beating due to my aching joints that I cannot ignore.

I really also do not know how to prepare for the floods or the damages that this typhoon will bring but one thing is for sure that if it hits land or not I am getting in trouble. Sometimes I am thinking that I would just want to sleep and when I wake up all bad things have passed already.

But I cannot hide from problems because in this world we have to solve our own problems for us to see happiness which I cannot see that much in my current life because of the hordes of unsettling problems that I have to solve. I do not know if I can solve some of them without the help of God and my friends here at steemit but still have to thank that there are some small solutions nonetheless and I just have to continue life no matter how hard it is to me.

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The weather is really starting to get scary! A bad storm is coming in on the East coast of the US as well. I am thinking about you and your family. Be careful!

Be very careful NOT to go near the light post when there is flood.


Omg , thats true, and people always take this for granted. God i pray for your mercy and protection over your people. I experienced bit of typhoon Yolandas wraths. Pray nothing that bad happens again.

Be careful my friend .

Don't worry friend. Pray to God and he will save you.