Dear Diary: It Will Be Relief At Last In A Few Hours

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Dialysis day and nothing is more relieving than knowing that you will get cleaned from inside via dialysis, a marvel of technology that had been saving my life over and over during the past 16 years or so.

I have started my dialysis from December 2001 and until now I am still on it and I am so old of a patient that it clearly showed how it transformed my body into a very pitiful state that it just made me a hermit into my own room and also made me not to meet other people for the fear of prejudice and a center of unwanted attention.

Like I said before my appearance is the least of my worries because what bothers me is that my bone condition hinders me to do a lot of normal things that I was doing before. These things that I endure gives me a degree of disability that one day might overpower me and make me totally like a vegetable.

It could have ended much better if cryptos came earlier in my life but I am thankful nonetheless because at least I am getting help and support but I still have to work on it because of the kind of platform I am giving my time with and that is steeming with steemit. This is just a wonderful community where sometimes people will find you after you reach out.

There is no better place to reach out than in steemit because in some bigger communities out there you are either ignored or much worse judged and blame you for the tragedy that you are suffering if not to make you an object of ridicule and curiosities.

So I am in my heart thankful because of this community, lots of good people here offering support and prayers which I needed because there are many reasons that I should give up but the friends her also makes me strong to go on so I just hope that God to continue to give mercy on my body because it is awfully hard to manage it if not also expensive.

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Asi es amigo @criptopie, Steemit ha sido una comunidad tan importante en nuestras vidas que de verdad no sabriá como agradecerle a Dios por tenerla en nuestras vidas. Larga vida a Steemit

This is a good news to hear. We are ever great full to Steemit for it great job. But I desire, it top position.

Hey friend, what about the dialysis process, hopefully your condition will always be fine