Dear Diary: I Still Feel Good Today

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I Missed This Fellow (Taken Oct. 2010)

My last dialysis was not completed last Friday because my BP went crashing like the current Crypto bleeding we are experiencing today. I really do not know what to do with my blood pressure issue because I have tried almost everything that I can even drinking energy drink doesn't seem to work.

Maybe this time I would try eating near the end of my session because eating as I see it raises the blood pressure up. But some say that it lowers the blood pressure as the blood goes to the intestines. But I don't know really for sure. If I don't eat I would get a low blood sugar because dialysis also takes away blood sugar, protein compounds, and vitamins that are needed by the body.

But anyway I am not feeling much breathless today and it is still about two days until my next session so it is good. I am trying not to take fluids too much because the last session didn't take away my extra fluids completely. I do not want to take extra dialysis this week because it is an expensive out of pocket procedure and I will just wait for my regular schedule and follow my strict diet which by the way is also hard to do.

The last session seemingly took away near my dry weight because I felt it with my voice getting hoarse and the collapsing ear drum and maybe I was getting fat but I cannot feel it though with my still stick-like arms. I just hope that I could last until my next session because my body is still weak no matter how I carefully manage it.

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Que todo te salga bien amigo, @cryptopie. Dios tome el control de tu vida, ánimo.

Wow, where u already sick in this photo. I pray, soon u can go back to the same person in that photo.
.i have been following u up for a while but i don't really know the genesis of ur story. I am sure i speak fot many of ur avid followers, especially those that are. Just discovering ur page.

Tell us your story, pls. If you don't mind.


I started dialysis December of 2001 and that photo was taken Oct. 2010. There are some subtle bone changes already happening at that point where my teeth is beginning to separate because my facial ones is already beginning to enlarge until I went more ugly as years past and in just a few years after, about 2015 my appearance changed so fast it actually surprised me. So here I am now still fighting and clinging to hope that someday some if not all of these will end.


Wow, thank you for sharing. You have battled for long, May the struggle get better for you in years to come. Thank u for sharing this.

Don't worry you will be healed just believe and have faith in him son.

You were a handsome person 2010. After that it is really a tragic story for you. That's give me a lot of pain.