Dear Diary: I Can Never Eat Much Today Because Of Being Waterlogged

in health •  2 months ago


I feel waterlogged already and it is because I went home during dialysis with extra fluid in my body because I haven't been able to finish my session due to my crashed blood pressure.

The blood pressure crash was so severe that my guts churned and I was already close to blacking out so my nurses raised my feet and then infused some saline solution into my system to raise my blood pressure up.

The head nurse had infused 400 mL of saline solution but it wasn't enough as my guts are still churning and my BP didn't rose as expected so I have to request for another re-infusion. That made me felt better and my BP went okay after a few minutes.

Since I didn't finish my dialysis and then they added fluids in my system I went home with a bigger weight and that gave me a small allowance to drink fluids. But I can never totally control my fluid intake and so I continue to have them as normal .

Now I am having some trouble eating and that is a problem that I have to face because it will cause me to just eat smaller portions of food because eating will just make me breathless and it does suck when you are in this kind of situation. May God help me.

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we are here with you and listening and we understand. also waiting for the cryptos to catch a bid so you can deservedly build a new house or upgrade and i can have my lambo

I hope you feel better, I dont know if you can take a waterpill since dialysis did not end is hard to eat when you feel bloated.