Dear Diary: I Am Thirsty And Just Taking A Courage To Get Up And Walk To Drink

in health •  4 months ago


It is now deep in the night, it is very early in the morning and I am waiting for my mother to get up when she would use the toilet to pee. It is just I could not get up and walk that easily because it always feels like I am squeezed when I walk plus the pain that goes along with it gets me so terrified to venture out.

Although it is very negligible to some because walking is very natural thing to do but with a person that has severe bone condition that is progressive it is not something to ignore because there is a pain there. I am actually not comfortable lying down all day as well as rolling unto my side when I have an actual rib pain that never goes away.

This situation had gone worse for me and I also had a lot of things running into my mind not only for my health but also about my finances added to that what is happening to crypto space. I sure hope that things would clear up so that I can at least secure my future with a better well-being by getting my goals into a reality.

There is a lot of waiting and I feel that I can't wait anymore as my time is very short compared to most people around and it isn't a quality type of life either and I am just trying to push myself into the limit and use all of my resources from within me because I am just surviving in the most part of my life and I still want to make it better no matter how hard and impossible it is and with God's help I can do it.

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Things are going to get worse before they get better. But they WILL get better. Hang tough, buddy. It is always darkest before dawn!

Mucho animo @cryptopie esperemos que este mal momento que pasan las criptomonedas sea aclarado muy pronto y por el bien de todos suban los precios, para que puedas hacer todos tus sueños realidad