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I had been writing nonstop from June of 2017th and it is indeed a very fulfilling work to do because of the entertainment, friendships, love care, fun, drama, etc that happened and I witnessed in this blockchain already. If I am not sleeping or watching movies and such I am here blogging away (or steeming away) just because I want to use my time in a very productive way.

It pays indeed although not much but I am sure that this blogging-investing thing will pay in the future because of the steem platform which has a very diverse use case with regards to dapps. So it makes a kind of excitement in my boring and dull life to be able to not only blog but to see the value of steem go up today and in the future.


Ideas, I Write It

It is sometimes funny when I do not feel good I would still write and tell the world what is in my mind at that moment. There was a time where I felt my heart seems to be failing, maybe from what I ate or drank last, last year. But I am glad (or maybe not) that I am alive today and pushing blogs as much as I can.

I do have a goal to keep that is why I am saving as much steem as I can because I believe that this platform will thrive and get diverse in applications on top of it in the future and actually happening right now. We just have to wait and see and probably some of us won't witness it like me but at least I had been part of steem that saved my life from which I am always thankful with all my heart.

Writing Makes Me Feed The Need

I must say that I do love blogging, it had been like a normal thing to do unlike others who just can't compose a simple micro-blog considering it is just easy to write your thoughts. had I been an artistic or skillful person or without much disability I might have contributed more in this community because I do have a lot of passions in life which I could not do because of my infirmities.

But blogging is all I can do right now and thank God that I am still able to do this kind of work. My proponent is my medical condition as I have to feed its hunger and I hope to satiate it lest I will get consumed with its insatiable appetite of expense and misery. May God help me.

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I really enjoy the whole experience here as well. You said it just right! Who knows what the future holds, but there does seem to be more development now and even some new users!

Keep up the hard work with the blogs @cryptopie. I see how many posts you make and always read and vote them when I see them on my timeline.... but remember to have a day off sometimes, to relax 😉

P.s. I've shared your post on Twitter where a bunch of steemians are promoting #steem at the moment. I hope you sleep better tonight than you did the other night.

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Thank you @raj808 I appreciate with all my heart your support and kinds words there. I do relaxation via sleep if I can.
May God bless you Sir. :)

Since i joined steemit, it has helped me to increase my passion for blogging that steemit nowadays take most of my time online

It's hard to stop, especially when you have something to say :-) Keep it up.